Here's How!

To all our close friends and acquaintances . . .


First, Mindy & I wish to thank you for voting for us last year.

We were honored to be in the Columbus Dispatch's 2016 Top 3!

It's that time of year when the Columbus Dispatch publishes their Top Picks for 2017.


While the process is very similar, this year the Dispatch has added a "verification" step.


In a nutshell, here's the the voting process.


1) Click on this link -> "Columbus Top Picks 2017"


2) Once the page loads, click 'Vote' by Hilliards Furniture

3) Enter your email address and you'll be asked to verify your registration

If this is your first time voting you will need to register and validate your email. Returning voters need only to log into their emails and follow the 'log in' link after inputting their email address.


4) Check your email for a  "noreply  Verify your email for Columbus Dispatch's 2017 Top Picks!"


5) Confirming your email address will allow to vote.


6) (Please) VOTE for Hilliards Furniture

      It appears that you can "share" with Twitter & Facebook

      If you are so inclined, please share.


Subsequent daily voting (closes on October 22nd) get easier, just click on the "Already Entered" and start a Step 3 (above)


Obviously, we realize you are all very busy, but we would love to reach the Top Picks again this year.

If you think it appropriate, forward this email to you friends


Mindy & I really thank you for your vote(s).  



Hilliards Furniture Company